Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose  //  Philadelphia  //  May 2018

Primary colors, disposable cameras, Britney Spears covers, stuffed cats (hey Chelsea), chili peppers, stolen winks and smiles between band members, recorders, and tongue touching are just some of the things you might witness at a Caroline Rose concert. But if you are lucky enough to be in the presence of Caroline Rose, you get the sense that she knows something the rest of us don’t. I’m not sure what that is, but I am all in. I want what she’s having. Her ability to take a serious subject and make you wanna dance your face off to it is legit.

She brought her latest album LONER to Union Transfer on Thursday night opening for Maggie Rogers. There were die hard Caroline fans in the audience with red feather boas (red everything) and there were Maggie Rogers fans who were truly blown away by Caroline and her band. Speaking of the band, their chemistry is undeniable and you can tell they are having a blast. 

Go and listen to LONER. It is all of the things. It will make you dance, it will make you sing, it will make you laugh (and maybe cry) but most importantly it will make you think. It’s my pick for album of the year – even though it’s only May. And if you get a chance to see Caroline in concert – DO IT!